October 30
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Within the framework of its fact-finding mission the staff of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) carried out a thorough research of the assaults of Azerbaijani armed forces towards the peaceful population of Artsakh on September 27-30, 2020. Below are the results:

Overall, 7 civilians were killed, among them a small girl, a 24-year-old and 65-year-old men, four women – 59, 61, 63 and 79-year-old. The infant, the women and a man were killed at the yards of their houses while the young man was shot on his way to a village.

On the whole, 31 civilians (7 females and 24 males) suffered severe injuries.

23 of the above-mentioned were injured in the place of their residence - as a result of shelling at houses or adjacent areas (it is noteworthy that in both cases the mines exploded in the yards of multi-apartment buildings). 6 persons got injured when driving to relatively safe places as a result of targeting and shooting passenger cars. 2 were injured at other public places.

10 persons suffered severe injuries in Stepanakert and adjacent areas, in Hadrut region - 1 person in the regional center Hadrut, 3 in the village of Taghaser, 1 in the village of Vardashat. In Martuni region - 5 persons were injured in the regional center Martuni, 1 person in the village of Spitak shen. In Martakert region – a person was injured in in Martakert town, 4 persons in the area adjacent to the village of Maghavuz, 2 persons in N. Horatagh, 1 in Mataghis. 2 persons were injured in the city of Karvachar of Shahumyan region.

Injuries by age group: 0-14 age group - 3 , 15-24 age group – 1, 26-35 age group – 4, 36-50 age group – 8, 50 and over – 15.

The injuries are mostly upper and lower limb and facial fractures.

We remind that the above-mentioned data is not final. The staff of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh continues the fact-finding mission and will provide updated information.

The Ombudsman will soon publish a special report that will present not only statistical data but also factual and legal analyses.

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