June 12
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Yesterday, the Azerbaijani army crossed Armenia’s border in the direction of Vardenis, the Armenian armed forces managed to resist them, but the adversary did not retreat completely. Artyom Yeranosyan, head of Verin Shorzha village of Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province, on Thursday told this to Armenian, referring to the Azerbaijani troops’ movement that was observed Wednesday in the Vardenis region.

"Yesterday the Azerbaijanis came down from above [the mountain] and crossed our border. That mountain is very high, what can be seen from that mountain is ours, what can’t—is theirs. Our armed forces cut them off, explained, and we managed to stop them, and they had to go back 1 km. They had contacted their commander, who had told [them], 'Go all the way down!' They show us a map that as if it is their territory and insisted that they should advance. Our armed forces cut them off, but they did not go back all the way to the end. At this moment, the Armenian armed forces and the adversary’s army are sitting quietly. We are waiting for their commander to come and hold talks," Yeranosyan said.

According to the head of Verin Shorzha, the Azerbaijani side advanced about 400 to 500 meters, the distance between the Armenian armed forces and the adversary is a little more than 1 km, and these Azerbaijanis are with a large force and are armed. But as per Yeranosyan, there have been no incidents yet.

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