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Pininfarina, one of the world leaders in automotive design, has unveiled the TEOREMA concept car, which reflects a fundamentally new approach to the interaction of passengers with the outside world and with each other during a trip, Higtech reported.

The designers first created the interior, and then took care of the exterior of the concept car. The engineers also used a WayRay holographic AR display. Its peculiarity is that it creates a virtual image and literally integrates interface elements into the real world behind TEOREMA glass.

The developers have provided full autonomy for TEOREMA, however, if desired, you can turn on the driving mode. In this case, WayRay's holographic AR display, integrated with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), helps the driver navigate. It also provides useful information and warns the user of potential road hazards.

The rest of the passengers get access to infotainment AR content: information about the surrounding objects, landscape, and sights, additional information about the route. Because WayRay is developing its AR marketplace, a wide variety of entertainment applications will be available to passengers in the future, including from third-party developers, including various types of games.

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