July 31
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Robert Sukiasyan doesn’t accept the charge brought against him, but he does accept the actions that he committed, that is, firing a gunshot. This is what Sukiasyan’s attorney Gor Mikayelyan told Armenian today.

“As a lawyer, I find that his actions don’t contain elements of crime. This is why my client and I don’t view the charge and the motion for arrest as substantiated. Yes, he opened fire, but in other circumstances, for defense,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t like to go into details about the circumstances behind the incident.

The defense attorney noted that his client has been charged with committing a hooligan act through the use of a weapon. “The actions aren’t hooligan acts. Consequently, we find that the charge is illegal. I can only say that Mr. Sukiasyan presented his actions and the weapon, which is a legal weapon. Basically, he tried his best to not obstruct the preliminary investigation,” he said.

Touching upon examination of the motion for arrest, the defense attorney said he and his client have great expectations from the court hearing since there is no substantiated suspicion and grounds for arrest.

Today the court will hold a court hearing over the lawfulness of detention of Robert Sukiasyan and the motion for arrest.

On July 18, a few citizens got into a dispute in central Yerevan, hit each other, after which one of the citizens shot the other. A 42-year-old US citizen was transferred to the hospital after receiving a leg injury. Another citizen was transferred to the hospital after being struck with a knife. One of the participants of the incident is the brother of well-known Armenian businessman Khachatur Sukiasyan.

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