March 27
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With these elections, the people of Goris rejected the "steel-hammer" reality imposed on them by these authorities, they rejected the lies and the deception, rejected the authorities that brought war, casualties and defeat, and chose a future—but a dignified future. Aregnaz Manukyan, an MP from the opposition "Armenia" Faction in the national Assembly, stated this during Monday’s press conference—and referring to incumbent—and imprisoned—mayor Arush Arushanyan's victory in Goris city in Sunday’s local elections.

"In the case when the authorities fail to use the army factor in the elections, during the voting, when the authorities fail to implement the means of passport identification, we get a different picture. People have begun to realize what kind of future they have chosen for themselves by voting for ballot No. 3 [representing the incumbent authorities] in the National Assembly [snap] elections [on June 20], and now, after a very short time already, they are rejecting the unpromising future they have chosen themselves," she added.

The opposition lawmaker noted that the authorities attempted to use administrative levers in the Goris election, too.

"Yesterday, the police forces were concentrated in Goris all day, sowing an atmosphere of fear. We saw how the red berets [of the Police special forces] broke into Arush Arushanyan's [election campaign] office, how they were putting pressure on his father," she said.

Manukyan stated that they will resort to all the steps to achieve a change of power in Armenia, they have already started visits to the provinces, their results will be analyzed, and their future courses of action will be decided.

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