October 03
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The Russians will give up everything one by one. Have you seen how many territories Russia ceded to Azerbaijan after November 9, 2020? They will continue to cede. Armine Adibekyan, an expert on Azerbaijani affairs, said this at a meeting with journalists today.

According to her assessment, Russia will "wrap Karabakh in a bow and give it up" if necessary. She explained this by saying that Russian peacekeepers are not obliged to protect Armenian interests, they will protect Russia's interests.  "Russia will not protect Armenians themselves instead of us. Moscow has other problems. Who brought in the Russians? Who signed the document that placed Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh? Was it not Pashinyan (Armenian Prime Minister - ed.)? No one will defend Karabakh better than us," Adibekyan said.

She expressed bewilderment at the presence of Russian peacekeepers on Armenian territory. "Why must I show a foreign soldier a document to move around my own country? Tomorrow this guy will pack his weapons and leave, and bring a Turk instead, because Turkish capital will be embedded there. I have been talking about Turkey introducing troops into Armenia for years. The Russian will leave and give his place to the Turk, because Turkey and Russia are now concluding serious energy and trade agreements with each other," the expert added.

In the case where a foreign soldier demands documents from an Armenian citizen and wants to search him or her on Armenian territory, Adibekyan urged citizens to first demand documents from those soldiers themselves. "Maybe it's a disguised Turk or Azeri. On what grounds is he there and checking documents. It is possible that Pashinyan signed some kind of document out of fear. If that is true, we should demand from the foreign soldier to show a document signed by Armenia", she said.

Iit was reported that Russian peacekeepers were checking documents and cargo on the sovereign territory of Armenia, on the road between Meghri and Agarak yesterday. Meanwhile, there is not a single document about the deployment of a peacekeeping contingent on Armenian territory. Bagrat Zakaryan, head of the enlarged Meghri community of Armenia, told that modular checkpoints have been installed on the Meghri-Agarak road of Armenia's Syunik region for nine months already.

The Russian Federal Security Service Border Guard Department in Armenia explained the increase in attempts to smuggle heavy narcotics and psychotropic substances (hashish, methamphetamine and heroin) from Iran into Armenia by strengthening control on the Meghri-Agarak section of the road.

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