December 04
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A majority of Americans are tired of the war in Ukraine and want to see diplomatic efforts to end the war, Business Insider writes.

According to a poll conducted by the Quincy Institute for Responsible Government and Data for Progress, 57 percent of Americans strongly or partially support U.S. diplomatic talks to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible, even if it would require Ukraine to compromise with Russia. And only 32% of respondents were strongly opposed.

Nearly half of respondents (47%) said they support continued U.S. military assistance to Ukraine only if the United States is involved in diplomacy to end the war, and 41% said they support continued U.S. military assistance to Ukraine regardless of whether or not the United States is involved in ongoing diplomacy.

According to 49% of likely voters, the Biden administration and Congress need to act more diplomatically to help end the war.

Americans recognize what many in Washington do not understand: the war in Ukraine is likely to end at the negotiating table, not on the battlefield. And skepticism is brewing about Washington's approach to this war, which is rife with tough talk and military aid, but with little diplomatic strategy or engagement, said Quincy Institute Executive Vice President Trita Parsi.

'As long as it takes' is not a strategy, it's a recipe for years of disastrous and destructive war, a conflict that will likely not bring us any closer to the goal of securing a prosperous and independent Ukraine. Explain to the American people how you plan to use your considerable diplomatic leverage to end this war, Parsi added.

The poll found that nearly half of likely U.S. voters (48%) are either somewhat or strongly opposed to U.S. aid to Ukraine at its current level if long-term global economic difficulties arise, including in the United States. Meanwhile, the poll found that only four in ten Americans partially or fully support giving the U.S. aid to Ukraine at current levels if that happens.

The poll also found that 58% of Americans oppose U.S. aid to Ukraine at current levels if higher gasoline prices and more expensive goods were to occur in the U.S.

A majority of respondents (57%) also said they believe the war between Russia and Ukraine will end in a peaceful settlement through negotiations between the two countries, and 61% said they believe the war has affected their financial situation in some way.

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