December 04
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Armenia carries out very active work with all international partners; Armenia, as a responsible member of the international community, listens and agrees to all the calls and emphases that the issues should be resolved in a peaceful, diplomatic way, but sees that Azerbaijan is continuously resorting to aggressive actions. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated about this at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting of the government of Armenia.

According to him, in this situation, Armenia consistently offers to international partners the following resolution which can be a solution: the deployment of an international observation mission on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

"Whether it will be of the UN Security Council, the OSCE, or another international organization," he added.

"I want to emphasize also that one of the goals of all this is to take Armenia out of the normal life cycle. Of course, it is understandable that life in such conditions cannot be considered normal. It is clear that everyone is anxiously waiting for news, and every news, alarm, distracts everyone from the normal cycle of their life; this is understandable But I want to draw our attention to the following circumstance that with that bitterness, that anger, each of us should be super focused on his work. The normal operation of economy, systems is extremely important for our defense capability. I have to address everyone with that exhortation.

Our power structures, special services, the Security Council, the diplomatic system are constantly working on this topic, and we must continue to raise and formulate our political speech and implement our proposed agenda. We must clearly record that our strategic approach is that we must consistently protect our independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity," said Pashinyan.

"It is obvious to me that we should move in three main strategic directions. First, we should make all efforts to establish lasting peace and stability around Armenia. Second, we must continue our reforms in the field of education. Next is the consistent reforms of the army. These three priorities should become the locomotive by which we should lead our country in this global ‘storm,’" he emphasized.

According to Pashinyan, today the world is collapsing before everyone's eyes and, according to him, there is no exaggeration in this.

"Today I will say that there is no country—at least in the Eurasian region—that won't get its fair share of hits from this shock. And we must be doubly flexible, doubly intellectual, doubly resistant in this collapse process to be able to bring our country through this ‘stormy ocean’ to a ‘peaceful harbor,’ and for this we need special will, special wisdom, special hard work, special consistency," added the Armenian PM.

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