December 06
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will leave for the Czech capital Prague Thursday, where he will attend the inaugural summit of the European Political Community. Pashinyan stated about this at Wednesday’s National Assembly (NA)-government question-and-answer session at the NA.

Within the framework of the aforesaid summit, a quadrilateral meeting is planned between him, President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, President Emmanuel Macron of France, and President Charles Michel of the European Council.

Pashinyan informed that a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan is also planned.

"If nothing changes, the main meetings will be these that fit into the discussion of the peace agenda," he said, and added that after Prague he will go to Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he will participate in the informal summit of the CIS.

Answering the question of how he assesses the situation around Armenia, the Prime Minister said that the situation around Armenia continues to be stable, but tense.

"From the statements of the Ministry of Defense, it is noticeable that we see certain opportunities for easing the tension. But it should be emphasized that we also see an opportunity in this sense based on the content of the negotiation process," said Pashinyan, recalling the meeting of the Armenian Foreign Minister with the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister and US Secretary of State, the meeting between the US National Security Adviser, the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia and the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, as well as the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which was followed by a telephone conversation between them and the US Secretary of State.

"It is clear that these conversations are not easy. But according to our analysis and my assessment, the discussions and diplomatic work of the last period have created a certain space for us to move forward. In this regard, I want to give the following assessment in which directions a certain space can be opened so that we move forward. I have repeatedly spoken about the concept of mutual recognition of territorial integrity by Armenia and Azerbaijan based on the agreement of December 8, 1991; there are signs that this approach can be mutually acceptable to the parties.

There is a certain space for a conversation to take place and start between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan, and I consider these two directions to be of cornerstone importance. We are essentially satisfied at this phase with the international response to the events that occurred on September 13, but we must continue our work so that the international community is consistent. The international community is giving a targeted assessment and an approximate roadmap draft on how we should resolve this problem, overcome the situation," said Pashinyan.

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