February 07
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Vladimir Vardanyan, a permanent member of Armenia’s National Assembly delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), delivered an address at the PACE Autumn Session.

“I would like to express the words of gratitude to all the political groups supporting and actually reflecting the reality.

I would like to address Mr Samad Seyidov on the issues he raised. Mr Seyidov, you are playing a very complicated role. You cannot even understand how far I [do not] understand you. How it is possible for many years to defend evil. In any case it's your choice, but here we are in the organisational values, and let's speak about values. It's very important when we are speaking about commitments.

When Armenia and Azerbaijan began membership of this respectful organisation, we took the obligation not to use forcer, or the threat of force to solve political problems. It happened in 2020, and nobody reacted. We knew that this day would come. Today, fortunately, many of you understand what's going on there.

When Mr Samad Seyidov is speaking about the Armenian forces in Azerbaijan, I would like to say that it's totally false. The people of Nagorno-Karabakh have the right to defend their existential life. Look at what's going on: dismemberment, humiliation, willful killing. We have the right to self-defence, at least. They're trying to use this right,” the Armenian MP noted, in particular.

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