March 23
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Samvel Babayan, former member of the Security Council of the Republic of Artsakh said in his conversation with Azatutyun radio station that as he said earlier Russian peacekeepers will leave Artsakh in 3 years. 

"Despite all the statements that they won't leave, that they will preserve Artsakh at any cost, etc., I think this is far from reality. The interests that Russia has today with Turkey, with Azerbaijan, etc., etc. These concessions will be made at our expense, that's why I say in advance that we should change our minds and solve these problems in a different way," he said.

According to Babayan, Russia said that there is a Karabakh problem, it must be solved, while Azerbaijan said that the Karabakh problem was solved two years ago, which Russia did not contradict. "Russia has some economic interests, which it would prefer to the Karabakh issue," he believes.

Asked if the withdrawal of the peacekeepers would mean Russia's withdrawal from the Caucasus, Babayan said:

"We are the ones who think they are leaving the Caucasus, they think Armenia is theirs, they don't think they are leaving the Caucasus," he said.

According to Babayan, in order for Artsakh to remain Armenian, we need to create our own defense and economy in Artsakh. "This is our way, and the issue of maximum independence should be solved through international courts."

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