February 09
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The Azerbaijani government-controlled publication has announced a change in Baku's foreign policy. The lengthy article, much of which is devoted to the praise of Aliyev's "wise leadership," lists Azerbaijan's new priorities, claims that "Russia is on the verge of dying out," and names new enemies.

() "Europe has a vested interest, so to speak, in increasing Azerbaijan's role in ensuring the energy security of European countries. Europe is not only France and Germany. Every year, Southern European countries, particularly Italy, as well as Hungary, Poland, and Balkan states in the East increase their influence in the EU. Azerbaijan has brought its relations with Italy, Hungary and Poland to a new level of strategic partnership and has begun to strengthen its position and influence at the expense of energy security in the Balkan states. Azerbaijani gas is a lifeline for hostile countries of the pro-American policy of Brussels," the newspaper argues.

() "The significant weakening of the Russian position in Central Asia has led to the fact that China, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are now seeking to agree with Baku on a transport and transit corridor across the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan is also quite interested in this project," the source writes.

( ) "Baku has made conclusions and noticed the contours of the new bipolar world after the landmark meeting of U.S. President Biden with the leader of China. And the platform of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a help to make up for the missed opportunities. During the presidency of narrow-minded Elmar Mammadyarov, who was unaware of the increasing significance of China, Azerbaijan missed, if not ignored the approaching era of the Celestial Empire's great offensive," the newspaper goes on, specifying that "Azerbaijan is closer to China and Erdogan's Turkey in terms of values than to the collective West and Washington."

() "Although Azerbaijan has achieved military-political advantage in its confrontation with Armenia, the risks, challenges and threats after the resurgence of Armenian neo-revanshism are increasing. And along with the Armenian revanchism that has raised its head, Azerbaijan has another open adversary - Iran, which does not hide its aspirations to level the increasing role of official Baku. The confrontation with Iran will grow, and rapprochement of Azerbaijan with Israel on one side and the Arab world on the other is an effective counterweight in restraining Tehran's aggressive policy."

() "It allows neutralizing the frankly unfriendly policy of Iran and France, which led to the fact that Baku now does not consider them a partner either in the South Caucasus or anywhere else. Thus, multiregionalism, adopted in Aliyev's foreign policy, forms the basis of Azerbaijan's new foreign policy concept," the newspaper concludes.

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