March 26
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Military soldiers were already dead at moment, Ani Tadevosyan, the mother of Volodya Nersisyan who died in the fire, told Armenian

She is certain that what happened was a result of its intentions.

"They drugged the children with poison gas or some other way and did their evil deed. Volodya came for five days' vacation on December 17. Something was bothering him. Something illegal was going on," said Tadevosyan.

Carlos Nersisyan, the brother of the deceased serviceman, saw the bodies in the morgue and realized that all the servicemen were already lying dead at the time of the fire.

"Whether the guys were unconscious before lying down, or whether they had inhaled poisonous gas, or whether they had been sedated with strong sleeping pills, only forensic experts can tell," said Carlos Nersisyan, who spoke to Volodya for a few minutes the night of the fire, around 12:15.

"At the time, several people were sitting at the stove, drinking coffee and not going to sleep. I deny the official version because the captain wasn't there when I spoke on the phone. It's unreasonable to think they wanted to heat the stove with gasoline. I don't rule out that there was gasoline in there, but to set the house on fire. Poison gas, sleeping pills, murder, sabotage - anything is possible. The guys died in their sleep. One had his legs crossed, another had his hand on his forehead, another under his head. No one died in agony; they were wearing clothes and shoes. It is also unclear why the door was closed. If there is any question of negligence, it comes primarily from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, they should have resigned first," said the brother of the deceased serviceman.

Volodya's mother expressed bewilderment at the fact that the government did not declare a day of mourning.

On January 19 at about 01:30 a.m. a fire broke out in the hideout of engineer-sapper company of the Nth military unit of Armenian Defense Ministry located in the territory of Azat village of Gegharkunik province. According to preliminary information, 15 servicemen died as a result of the fire. A criminal case has been initiated.

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