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Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: In recent days, the world's attention was focused on the presidential elections in Argentina, where eccentric economist Javier Milei was elected president. Many people call him "Trump of Argentina" or "Boris Johnson of Argentina."

Javier Milei is interesting to us Armenians because he was an employee of Argentinian Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian's Corporacion America organization and Eurnekian's chief advisor from 2008 to 2021. He left the organization in order to run in the presidential elections. Moreover, Milei accompanied Eurnekian many times while traveling to Armenia.

Of course, Milei is a controversial character, but Eurnekian is sure that he will be a good president, and he made a public statement about it. Some global mass media, including the Financial Times, wrote that Eduardo Eurnekian is behind the newly elected president of Argentina.

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