July 25
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This movement will be in the streets, and there will be an engagement of extensive organizational resources. The leader of the opposition Tavush for the Homeland movement of Armenia, Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, told this to a press conference Wednesday.

"All sectoral persons in charge, representatives will be engaged in the movement with even more organized means, there will also be speakers. We will address both the internal and external challenges of our society. The movement will somewhat become the agenda-setter in our country.

We will not leave the square in any way in the coming months. (…). The public struggle will continue, naturally. It will spread throughout Armenia. We shall become the ones who dictate in all the problems of our life," Galstanyan said.

And referring to their fighting tactics, the archbishop noted: "All political solutions are being discussed, all possible options are on the table. Much has been said about impeachment [of PM Nikol Pashinyan], [his] resignation has become the first demand, but all other possible and impossible political solutions are not excluded. The important thing for us is to reach the result by legal means. The movement’s team itself will decide what the tactics will be during this time. Virtually all politicians are engaged, there are always consultations with them."

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