February 28
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It is not the case that in 2018-2019 we definitely managed to acquire whatever weapons we wanted from our CSTO partners. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a live press conference on Friday:

"Do you think we didn't try to diversify the supply of the same weapons in 2018-2019?

The discussion lasted very short, minutes. We were told: ‘You are a CSTO member; we cannot enter into military-technical relations with you.’ In this sense, and the fact that we are transparent in our positions, it has given us the opportunity to close that conversation very quickly, and to be able to discuss some other perspectives.

If we, being a member of the CSTO, cannot get the necessary weapons and political support, on the other hand, being a member of the CSTO is an insurmountable obstacle for receiving support and cooperation from other places, we have to make decisions based on our interests," said Pashinyan.

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