February 29
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At Thursday's Cabinet meeting, the Armenian government made a change in one of its decisions whereby, according to Khachatur Khachikyan, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Nuclear Safety Regulation of Armenia, it is planned to make the specialists of the nuclear safety department, the radiation safety department, and the technical division of the Committee from the civil service to specialists performing civil work.

And Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said as follows, in particular, in this regard: "This decision related to the Committee on Nuclear Safety Regulation is important because we have set a task of having a new nuclear power plant and building a new nuclear power plant. We will come tomorrow or the next day, we will face the situation that the money is there, the project is there, everything is there, but we are not able to implement it because we do not have specialists. (…) we have a megaproject to implement, and the training of specialists is also part of that megaproject.”

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