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In recent years, Armenia has turned towards Europe in its elections, with the strengthening of democracy, the development of the rule of law, its courageous decisions, such as the ratification of the Rome Statute, becoming one of the participating countries of the International Criminal Court. French Ambassador to Armenia Olivier Decottignies stated this in an interview to the Public Television of Armenia.

"Armenia is showing a real rapprochement with Europe. Ultimately, the authorities of Armenia should decide whether or not they want to become a candidate for joining the EU. It is a legal, official process, and they have not worded that request today.

Armenia's rapprochement with Europe is a process in the broad sense that has already begun. France has launched an initiative by President Macron to work on topics that are of interest to Europe as a continent, apart from EU countries in the broadest sense of the word. We are talking about the European Political Community, of which Armenia is a member and participates in its meetings. By the way, in Prague, within the framework of the European Political Community, progress was made in October 2022 in negotiations to achieve peace with Azerbaijan. Therefore, Armenia has already made a commitment to follow that path," added the French ambassador to Armenia.

He spoke also about the cultural and civilizational similarities between Armenia and Europe.

"Armenia has many historical and cultural ties with Europe. As a Frenchman, I am surprised that the only foreign king resting in the necropolis of kings in Saint-Denis, France, is an Armenian king. We are talking about Levon Lusignan, king of [the Armenian Kingdom of ] Cilicia. We have strong ties with Armenia. This is more than true for us, the French, who have heroes, such as Missak Manouchian, who was recently reburied in the Pantheon [of Paris]. Symbols of our language, culture, such as [singer] Charles Aznavour. They are Armenians, French of Armenian descent. This closeness is obvious to us," Olivier Decottignies stated.

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