July 23
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By Vera Martirosyan

PARIS. – Monday, the fourth day in Euro 2016 which France is hosting, was to be interesting for many, in the sense that the national football squads of the strongest group F were to start their campaign on this day.

For me it was interesting because one of these matches—the one between Ireland and Sweden—was to be played in Saint-Denis, near Paris, and I would go there as a sports journalist. 

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There are numerous Irish and Swedes in the French capital city, and the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis was packed with them.


An Irish journalist was sitting next to me. When he learned that I was from Armenia, he said he remembers when we were in the same group, and that he liked Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan very much. 

Even though there were clashes between fans these days in various French cities, the Irish and Swedish supporters were not like that. After the match, they came out of the stadium calmly, pacifically and cheerfully, and started eating baguettes and drinking beer. 

But no matter how popular football is becoming throughout the world, it remains a very male-dominant sport.

Incidentally, Euro 2016 would have been “incomplete” if American Armenian celebrity Kim Kardashian had not arrived in Paris. She is here! 

UCOM company is the main sponsor of the Armenian coverage of Euro 2016.

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