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It is not right to cede territory to Azerbaijan hoping to maintain peace. Besides, the importance of maintaining peace should not be spoken with Armenians, who already know this very well, but with the main instigator of the military actions [i.e. Azerbaijan].

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Dashnaktsutyun Party MP—and MP candidate—Armen Rustamyan on Sunday stated the aforesaid, within the framework of campaigning for the forthcoming parliamentary election in Armenia, at an assembly with voters in Charentsavan town.

In his words, the Azerbaijanis and their big brothers, the Turks, see Armenia as an obstacle that stands in the way of their joining together, and of the triumph of Pan-Turkism. As per Rustamyan, as long as they are guided by such ideas, they will not rest whether or not Armenia will make concessions to them. 

“Peace is not begged for, peace is imposed,” stressed the ARF MP. “If you want peace, you should be ready for war; this is the sole option.

“And let them tell [Azerbaijan President Ilham] Aliyev about the need to maintain peace.”

The parliamentary election in Armenia will be conducted on April 2.

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