March 27
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STEPANAKERT. -- The house of the Khalapyan family is on the edge of Karabakh’s Talish village. No houses are seen further, only hills. This became one of the reasons of the bloody drama which took place here a year ago.

A dead of night on April 2, 2016, the Azerbaijani divisions began a large-scale aggression, and some criminals reached the ouskirts of Talish village. Three elderly people who were unable to leave the village on time, fell victims of criminals.

Even in a year,  Khalapyan's younger generation is afraid of entering the abandoned house.

There is a white sofa in front of the house on the street that was shelled by the Azerbaijani side. The old people most likley were having rest during summer evenings here.

Several steps are leading to the house. A small entrance hall leads to a living room where elderly Valera and Razmela Khalapyan, as well as  92-year-old Marusya Khalapyan were shot down. The barbarians cut off their ears after killing them. A year ago the scary photos of the room with pink walls, bodies of the killed elderly people, blood on a white door were spread by the media. The house is empty. The only remained furniture in the room is a sofa where Marusya Khalapyan was killed, two armchairs and a wooden footstool.

Valera Khalapyan was sitting in one of the armchairs when criminals rushed into the room. The body of the killed Razmela was found near the door.

When shelling of the village started, Gagik Khalapyan, the son of the killed Valera and Razmela, took six children and his wife to a safe place. There was not enough place in the car.

Valera and Razmela could not leave the house without car because of elderly Marusya. When he came back to take away his parents and the grandmother, Gagik Khalapyan heard Azerbaijani language near the village and decided to go to the village administration, to warn about Azerbaijanis in the village. He could not return home later, and Azerbaijani criminals did their dirty deed.

Photo by Arsen Sargsyan/

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