October 16
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The poisoning in Salisbury could lead to the last war in the history of mankind, retired Russian Lieutenant-General Evgeny Buzhinsky told Today programme, reported.

According to him, the current situation is worse than the cold war because “if the situation will develop in the way it is now I am afraid it will end up in a very very bad outcome.”

When asked what he meant by “worse than a cold war”, Russian general noted the crisis could develop into a “real war.” 

“Worse than a cold war is a real war. It will be the last war in the history of the mankind,” he said adding “You say the pressure is going to continue, what are you going to achieve? You are going to achieve the regime change, it’s useless. You don’t know Russians,” 
Buzhinsky accused the UK of not willing to discuss the attack in Salisbury.

“Let’s start discussing. You don’t want to discuss. You say Russia should change its behaviour, it’s not the kind of talk or compromise we need. Okay, you expelled diplomats. We expelled diplomats. You further expel, what is the next step? The breach of diplomatic relations. After that, I said it may lead to nowhere. Actually, you are cornering Russia. To corner, Russia is a very dangerous thing,” Evgeny Buzhinsky concluded.

As reported earlier, the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury on March 4. UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of being responsible for an attack and expelled 23 Russian diplomats from the country. Another 24 European countries, Australia, Georgia and Canada also decided to expel Russian diplomats (total 63 people). Russia denied involvement in the poisoning.

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