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YEREVAN. – Thanks to the velvet revolution in Armenia, the world standing of the Armenian people and of Armenia is higher than ever, and we need to use this for the interests of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). 

Nikol Pashinyan, candidate for the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (RA), stated about the aforementioned during his program address at Tuesday’s National Assembly special session to elect the new PM of the country.


The revolution of love and solidarity that took place in Armenia not only does not pose any danger, but opens up new opportunities for the people of Artsakh and the statehood of Artsakh. (…) the result of the Armenian revolution will be the de jure international recognition of Artsakh’s right to self-determination.


Pashinyan noted that the positive situation within the past one month was a result of the prudence and state-thinking by all sides.


There will be no privileged ones in Armenia, (…) corruption will be uprooted in the country. (…). The chapter of political and economic persecutions is now closed in Armenia.


Pashinyan urged Armenian entrepreneurs conducting business abroad to return to and invest in Armenia. “This is a matter of not only economic revival, but also of national security,” he added, in particular.


We wish to use the existing best potential in the public administration system.


A very considerable economic potential is concentrated in Armenia. (…).

Economic Development Model

1) The high-tech sector in Armenia should be developed at a revolutionary pace. (…).

2) Agriculture in Armenia should be developed at a revolutionary pace. (…).

3) Thanks to the velvet revolution that took place in Armenia, tremendous opportunities have opened up in Armenia for tourism.


Armenia will remain an EAEU [Eurasian Economic Union] member (…). Armenia will also remain a CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization] member. (…). We consider military cooperation with Russia an important factor in ensuring the RA security.

Deepening of relations with the EU countries and the EU is among our priorities. (…). We will do everything toward the abolition of the EU visa requirement for the RA citizen.

In friendly relations with the US, we intend to take steps toward giving impetus to collaboration.

Relations with Georgia and Iran (…) are also important.

We will deepen relationship with China (…).


Stereotypes are not mandatory for us in the process of pacific settlement of the NK [Nagorno-Karabakh] issue. (…). New impetus should be given to the international process of Artsakh independence.

Within the framework of the OSCE MG [Minsk Group], I am ready to negotiate with the leader of Azerbaijan (…). [But] the negotiations cannot be considered full, as long as the leadership of one of the parties to the conflict—Artsakh—does not participate in them.

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