March 24
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YEREVAN. – An unprecedented situation was created on the territory of Armenia, the society is divided into white and black, hatred and enmity is everywhere, head of the Republican Party of Armenia faction Vahram Baghdasaryan said in his speech before the vote.

Baghdasaryan said RPA position remains the same, and they bear responsibility for the security and the future of people.

“For us it is extremely important to understand whether PM candidate can shoulder such a burden. Are the people destined to live in chaos? Our worries are not dispelled. Let’s hope I am mistaken,” he said.

Baghdasaryan assured that the RPA will not impede, but will also facilitate the election of Pashinyan.

“The atmosphere of hatred that reigns everywhere is unacceptable for us,” said head of RPA faction.

RPA party does not believe in Pashinyan's assurances that they condemn the hatred towards the Republicans.

Addressing Nikol Pashinyan, Baghdasaryan said: “Mr. Pashinyan, you will be elected prime minister. Some time later you will experience difficulties. I am sure that in a short period you will admit that your critical stance was a mistake”.

According to Baghdasaryan, taking into account the internal political situation, the RPA decided to facilitate the election of the Prime Minister.

“This time the RPA will assist Nikol Pashinyan. The decision of the RPA is general - the RPA faction is against, but considering the situation, the RPA will support [Pashinyan] with 10 + 1 votes. These 10 people also share the RPA's position, they will simply vote ‘for’. Do not personalize them, other members of the faction could be in their place,” he concluded.

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