December 06
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YEREVAN. – Both the defense minister and the head of security service said there were no clashes between the army and demonstrators on March 1, 2008, Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan said in an interview with Yerkir Media television when asked about the participation of the regular army in the March 1 events.

“I was in the presidential residence the whole night. The fact that not a single serviceman was injured, proves that no clashes occurred,” he said.

As to the weapons which was found on the territory of a former factory that is linked to ex-PM Hovik Abrahamyan and which, according to Armenia’s intelligence service and investigation committee, could be used during the March 1 events, he said: “May be. The charges against me are based on this: may be or may be not. Now, first of all, probably, they should have patience and wait for the results of the examination and talk about it after the results are received.”

He also believes that the investigative authorities form negative expectations of the people, using their posts.

“This is not appropriate for statesmen, especially since all this is connected with a very sensitive criminal case. You should not do this,” the second president said, refusing to give a detailed presentation of the progress of the trial, stressing that in this case lawyers can be deprived of licenses or even be charged.

In the course of the interview, the topic of the failed press conference of the former president was also touched upon. Asked what was the key point that he wanted to voice during a media conference,  Kocharyan simply answered: “I had much to say, but I was prevented.”

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