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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan compared incumbent Armenian PM to a meteorite and a comet that is fading away very quickly.

Kocharyan believes four months are enough to understand how competent the authorities are and what values they are based on. In his words, incumbent Armenian authorities’ actions are chaotic, they know nothing about economics and do not have a clear action plan.

“There is a quite bright leader, but his unwise aspirations to populism are causing concern. This resembles me Hugo Chavez style Latin American populism.”

He slammed a model of governance when there is “one sun in the sky, and he is a number one person. There is no number two, five or ten.” According to Kocharyan, such a model cannot exist for in long-term perspective.

Answering to a remark that there are many post-Soviet countries where there is one sun, and unbearable conditions are created for the others who want to be engaged in politics, ex-president said “if the sun has managerial experience, skills and knowledge, he knows economy and is focused on long-term interests” it is another thing. If the sun is not predictable and hysterical, this may lead to a catastrophe, he emphasized.

“Four months have passed. Pashinyan might be a meteorite or a comet, which is fading away very quickly."

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