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YEREVAN.  – The Armenian Government made combating corruption its key priority, said Director of the Office of the Directorate General of Programmes of the Council of Europe, Verena Taylor on Friday.

Her remark came after the Council of Europe and EU presented to media the results of projects for Eastern Partnership countries, including Armenia, conducted in 2015-2018.

Verena Taylor highlighted the results that were achieved on combating corruption in higher education institutions.

According to her, “there is an important gender dimension in Armenia as the corruption in higher education institutions for girls is not necessarily the same as for young men.”

She noted that a code of conduct was published, which was accepted by higher education institutions.

“But I cannot say that the corruption was 100% eradicated, because it takes time. However, your government made combating corruption its key priority, and I think this project is something on which we can further build on,” she said adding that the corruption can be seen also in the field of health care and public life.

Verena Taylor touched upon the results of the projects that were achieved from 2015 to 2018.

“It was an expression of the will of the Council of Europe and the EU to work with Armenia. We were working on justice sector reform, combating corruption, elections reform as well as training observes for elections, and a number of tangible results were achieved in all these areas and a number of important laws were adopted on justice,” Verena Taylor concluded.

The Council of Europe and EU presented to media the results of five projects carried out in Armenia under the Partnership for Good Governance programme in 2015-2018, focused on strengthening the healthcare in Armenian prisons, supporting the implementation of the judicial reforms, improving electoral processed, supporting justice and combating corruption in Armenia.

The total budget of these projects was 2.8 million euro, while the projects were implemented by the Council of Europe.

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