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STEPANAKERT. – The consolidation of political forces aiming to preserve a corrupt oligarchic system of power in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) leads to an increase of tension in the society.

The authorities of Artsakh, who are obliged to ensure the stability of the transition period and the holding of elections, fail to cope with their duties and are close to losing control over the processes in the society. A number of political and social forces of Artsakh launched an active election campaign with violation of the law long before its official start. Steps are being taken to destabilize and split the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. Moreover, there are statements calling into question the sovereignty of the Armenian people over Artsakh.

There are attempts to turn Artsakh into a platform for consolidation of revanchist and anti-Armenian forces, also supported by external centers of power. The continuation of alarming tendencies may lead to a further disorientation and chaos in the Artsakh society on the eve of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, aimed to prevent the political forces intending to go through systemic reforms from coming to power.


The disunity of the Artsakh society in such conditions does not allow it to confront internal and external threats. In the current conditions, there is an urgent need to consolidate the political and social forces of Artsakh intending to go through reforms. The Miatsum Alliance intends to become an open platform for the consolidation of the Artsakh society.

The Alliance unites political and social forces intending to complete the process of Miatsum of Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia, and continue the formation of the United Armenia. The priority task of the Alliance is to ensure the coming to power of a coalition of political and social forces capable of carrying out profound reforms and ensuring the dismantling of the corrupt oligarchic system of power. The Alliance intends to solve this problem through participation in transparent fair presidential and parliamentary elections or by methods of direct democracy. On the list of follow-up tasks of the Alliance after achieving victory in the elections is the creation of political and legal conditions needed to assess the activities of the authorities throughout the entire existence of the Artsakh Republic.

The coming changes in Artsakh should take place within the framework of a civil society capable of formulating and protecting public and political interests. Significant effort needs to be put to resist the attempts to split the Artsakh society, to sow into it a sense of insecurity and the hopelessness of the attempts to follow the path of building a unified new Armenia.

The list of political and NGOs

 “Originality and Unity” party,

“Sasna Tsrer” Artsakhian party,

“The Artsakhian Awakening” initiative group,

“The Generation of Independence” party,

“Unified Armenia” party,

“The Union of Afghanistan War Veterans of Artsakh”,

The initiative group of the “Breakthrough” party,

«Mountain Armenia» non-governmental organization,

“Spiritual Armenia” non-governmental organization,

“Unified Armenia” patriotic non-governmental organization,

Aralekyan Nune, Stepanakert,

Arzumanian Hrachya, CSS “Ashkhar”,

Avanesyan Gagik, Hadrout,

Grigoryan Mkhitar, Stepenakert,

Harutunytan Irena, Stepanakert,

Israelyan Ruslan, deputy of Artsakh Parliament,

Karapetyan Arkady, first commander of Artsakh self-defense forces,

Kureghyan Tigran, Berdzor,

Kananian Alexander, Karvachar

Madoyan Monte, Stepanakert,

Sargsyan Roksana, Stepanakert,

Vanyan Balasan, Mardakert.

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