October 22
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·      Armenia Police chief Valery Osipyan has submitted a resignation letter on Tuesday

According to Armenian News - NEWS. am, Osipyan wrote his resignation letter after the session of the Security Council held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The decree was signed Wednesday by Armenian President Armen Sarkissian.

According to Osipyan, he will talk about the reasons for his resignation later.

“From now on, I will continue to serve my people on the same principles and principles of morality. I'll talk about the reasons for my resignation later,” he said.

Arman Sargsyan, first deputy head of the Armenian Police, has been appointed acting Chief of Police.

Osipyan has summed up the results of his activities, noting that the system had made achievements in the areas of combating corruption, traffic safety, protection of public order and the fight against crime by properly exercising the powers conferred by law on the police.

Later today, Osipyan was appointed the Armenian PM's chief advisor.

·      Charges have been brought against former Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan of Armenia in connection with the abuse of power by some officials at the MOD, the Investigative Committee reported.

Gasparyan, being the MOD Chief of Military Police, head of a MOD department, and Deputy Minister of Defense at separate periods, and being aware that three military servicemen were not actuallyserving but doing other jobs—that is, one of them worked as the driver of third President Serzh Sargsyan’s brother, Levon Sargsyan, and the other two worked as the bodyguards of Serzh Sargsyan’s other brother, Aleksandr Sargsyan—he had allowed these soldiers to perform these activities that do not stem from their status as military servicemen.

·      After the resignations, Armenian Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan said he does not rule out that in a few days the Prime Minister will also dismiss him from his post.

“I do not exclude this, but there are no prerequisites or grounds for this. No one can remain in office permanently,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

He also touched upon the issue of resignation of Armenian National Security Service ex-head Artur Vanetsyan.

According to him, this resignation was a surprise to him. 

The Defense Minister also commented on his Azerbaijani counterpart statement that he dreams of meeting with Armenian authorities on the battlefield.

I believe dreaming is very good,” he said.

·      The Armenian National Committee of America published declassified CIA reports confirming that Artsakh is Armenian.

ANCA published photos of the document titled “Unrest in the Caucasus and the Challenge of Nationalism” (1988).

The document presents the roots of unrest in the Caucasus. It says “the 1920s settlement subordinating Nagorno-Karabakh – Armenia’s cultural and religious center – to the Azerbaijani Republic has been continual, albeit long-muted, source of Armenian frustration and concern”.

According to the document, the Azeri government failed to solve economic and demographic problems, to provide jobs, housing and education. “Azeri frustration has found outlet in attacks on Armenians,” the document says.

The paper says in the 1920s 89% of Karabakh’s population were Armenians and 10% Azerbaijanis.

·      A group of employees from Sanitek waste management company were staging a protest outside the Yerevan Municipality. They are demanding their salaries for August.

These Sanitek workers noted that they want to find out whom they should get their unpaid salaries from, and if they do not get them, against whom they should go to court.

The protesters attempted to block the street, but the police did not allow this, a scuffle began between them, and the law enforcement officers pushed these picketers out of the street.

According to Yerevan mayor spokesperson Hakob Karapetyan, the municipality will do so by the all possible means that they can receive their salaries.

According to Sanitek's statement, the Yerevan Municipality was supposed to transfer about AMD 430 million for August to the account of Sanitek company to serve 12 administrative districts of the city. For the first half of August, the city hall transferred AMD 141 million 831 thousand 728 to the company. At the same time, the mayor’s office during this period held AMD 69 million 546 thousand 191, that is, the amount was paid for 5 out of 12 districts.

The company spent the amount transferred in the first half of August to organize its daily work. But the amount intended for the second half of August, from the 16th to the 31, has still not been transferred by the mayor's office, the statement said.

“We urge the public to find out why Sanitek money is constantly confiscated?” Sanitek wonders.