April 20
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Сommunication has always dictated everything, said VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk in his opening remarks at the WCIT 2019 in Yerevan.

Speaking about the content published in media platforms, he noted that every day people let their opportunity pass by as they do not understand the two core functionalities of what it takes to be successful: how to spend money in these platforms and how to understand whether you have capabilities to produce contextual content at scale or not?

According to him, what works on Facebook as a video acts very different on YouTube and IG.

"I would argue if you have any ambition you must today be producing 20 to 100 pieces of content in a day,” he said adding that some people “put out the same piece of content across every platform, completely disrespecting the consumer and the way he or she wants to consume the platform and most importantly not taking advantage of the platform nuances.”

According to him, communication has always dictated everything.

“Coming from this part of the world and studied for a long time by whom and how the communication has changed absolutely everything, I find it very unlikely that this audience is confused by what I am saying,” he noted adding that when he said the same in America, it sometimes misses the mark.

This part of the world and many other parts that have gone trough massive changes completely predicated by communicators should be much more acute in understanding that it is only communication that is left in the end, he said. “You must be self aware of how you communicate and then you must find the ways to distribute that.”

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