December 07
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The possibilities that computer allows us to push the vision and the possibility to build a world that nobody could even imagine, Pixar Senior Vice President Katherine Sarafian said in an interview with Armenian

“You know a lot of people were worried through the years about every new technology making the human role obsolete. This is what I have heard this for many years. When television came on the scene they said no one will listen to the radio, when movies came on, they said no one will watch. But, people still watch movies. It's every evolving technology can push another technology forward and it changes the way a human role might be. I think in terms of acting the animation, we use human performers for voice acting our animators are human beings. They are performers so they take the voice they take a character they move it. That builds performance. This is a human art. So I don't worry about the human becoming obsolete because the human is building it. The computer is a tool, it does not do the work,” said Sarafian, who was in Armenia for WCIT 2019.

She recommended Armenian film producers that they should keep making “Armenian stories” and “universal stories” which can be distributed via Internet and YouTube.

Katherine Sarafian said Yerevan is an amazing place to host a forum like WCIT 2019.

“I have never seen something of this scale in Yerevan. This is amazing. People are so excited. Seeing our culture through the eyes of people all over the world and the way they are embracing this culture and technology sector here, it's just really exciting. So I love this.”

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