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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that Yerevan is waiting for the decision of the European Union (EU) to include Armenia in the EU European Peace Facility. Pashinyan spoke about this at the discussion, entitled "From the frontline: Armenia’s defence of democracy," on the margins of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024, and referring to Armenia-EU relations and their prospects.

"You know that Armenia is a member of CSTO. Now we are also officially a CSTO member, but I have announced that we have frozen our participation," Pashinyan emphasized, reminding that the problem and crisis of relations between Armenia and the CSTO arose from that very point when Azerbaijani troops invaded Armenia, and according to CSTO procedures, the Organization and its member states had to support Armenia in this situation.

"But even after the formal application, the CSTO refused to take any concrete steps, and in fact, that is the main reason for freezing our participation in the CSTO at all levels," added the Armenian premier.

Addressing the moderator's question whether Yerevan expects “the West to occupy the current vacuum” and ensure Armenia’s security, PM Pashinyan responded: “Our political position and policy is that we are diversifying our foreign relations in all spheres. Now we are developing defense cooperation with India, France and other countries. Now we have a certain cooperation with the European Union, because as I mentioned, we are happy about the deployment of the EU Civilian Observation Mission on the border between us and Azerbaijan.”

Pashinyan added that “it is a civilian mission, but on the other hand, in a way, it is a new factor for the security of our region. This is the first time that the European Union participates in the security agenda of the Republic of Armenia in any way.”

The PM noted that Armenia is now waiting for the EU's decision to include Armenia in the EU European Peace Facility.

"We also hope to start visa liberalization negotiations, and last year I announced in the European Parliament that Armenia is ready to be as close to the European Union as the European Union deems it possible. This is our position," added the Armenian PM.

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