June 25
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The Minister of High-Technological Industry of Armenia, Hakob Arshakyan, attended the “Outline of Armenia-Diaspora Sustainable Economic Partnership” 4th Business Forum of the Armenian Trade Network, and delivered a report, entitled “New Armenia, New Opportunities.”

He touched upon the opportunities which the incumbent Armenian government enables for the development of the high-tech sector in the context of the new reality of Armenia, the programs aimed at the development of this sector, and the respective steps being taken.

The minister said that there are no “boundaries” when it comes to technology where value added is mainly the human mind and talent, and therefore Armenia can achieve tangible success in this sector.

In his report, Arshakyan presented several projects aimed at the development of high technology in Armenia.

Also, he spoke about Armenia’s potential to become a technology hub in the region. According to the minister, to this end, it is important to have a proper ecosystem. Arshakyan stressed that Armenia will become such a hub when it will be possible to make effective use of the Armenian Trade Network and the potential of the Armenian diaspora. In his words, one of the important projects being implemented for this objective is the Armenian Virtual Bridge which, as per the minister, will help bring Armenia closer to the objective of becoming a regional technology hub.

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