April 20
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Shake Isayan, a member of the opposition Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction, made a post on Facebook, referring to the court's decision to arrest Gagik Tsarukyan—chairman of the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party, MP, and business tycoon.

In particular, she noted that 3.5 months after the respective petition, when all possible and impossible persons were questioned, a question was asked in court whether the prosecution had at least one piece of information that Tsarukyan had obstructed the course of the criminal case involving him, and prosecution said it did not. And according to Isayan, this is all one needs to know about an "independent" court without political sponsors.

“There no political persecution?” she asked.

The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan on Friday granted the National Security Service’s petition to remand Gagik Tsarukyan in custody.

Tsarukyan has been charged with orchestrating vote buying. But he does not accept the charge and says it is illegal.

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