November 28
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The war must be stopped and the authorities of Azerbaijan must be forced to return to a constructive field as soon as possible, and thereby save thousands of our children, who are in danger of becoming a victim of a catastrophe in the face of war, the head of Tovmasyan Charitable Foundation Artak Tovmasyan said.

The same threat, according to Tovmasyan, also threatens the Armenian statehood, which has found itself in serious danger these days.

“For the 30th day, the large-scale terrorist war unleashed by Turkey and Azerbaijan against Artsakh continues, a war in which Turkish special forces and Syrian mercenaries are taking part. Fierce battles continue on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border, at the cost of selfless struggle and the blood of our brave warriors, we still manage to stop the intensifying attacks of the enemy day by day. However, one should not forget that Turkey openly threatens Armenia in this war, and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan openly stated in his message about huge human and territorial losses. At this decisive moment, national unity is important, and for the sake of the integrity of our state, we can put aside the political struggle and attract experienced, knowledgeable politicians and statesmen who have gone through the war and negotiations, and have the necessary knowledge and experience in negotiating," Tovmasyan said.

He also called fo to form a broad political consolidation.

“It's time to sober up. All resources and connections must be used. (...) Put aside momentary problems and start a unity, the only goal of which is not to lose our statehood,” Tovmasyan added.

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