June 25
Show news feed writes: “To mitigate the wave of the major political event to be held on the day of the liberation of Shushi (transferred to the enemy), that is, the first event to be held by the bloc of the second President of Armenia, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun political party and the opposition Reviving Armenia Party, Nikol Pashinyan has thought of ways out of the situation. When it was announced late last evening that second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and the old and new political forces supporting him are going to hold a rally at Freedom Square on May 9, some government officials considered marking the non-existent day of victories of May with a mourning march to Yerablur Military Pantheon in order to distract the public’s attention from the speeches to be given at Freedom Square.

It's clear that Nikol Pashinyan’s administration has succeeded in turning the organizing of a ceremony commemorating the heroes who died for homeland defense by creating conditions favorable for his political team into a way out of a situation several times, but it’s not hard to guess the extent to which this cynicism will help the administration to use victims and missing persons for political goals.

In any case, according to the information of Yerevan.Today, not all of Pashinyan’s teammates have unequivocally accepted the idea of holding a mourning march to Yerablur Military Pantheon alongside the large rally to be held by Robert Kocharyan on May 9. President of the Yerkrapah Union of Volunteer Land Defenders, deputy of the My Step alliance Sasun Mikayelyan particularly opposed the idea, emphasizing that there might be a large number of parents at Yerablur Military Pantheonn on the day of liberation of Shushi, and clashes will be inevitable. Consequently, he didn’t recommend the government officials to create new scandals.”

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