November 27
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The head of Karahunj village of Armenia, Lusine Avetyan, testified against Goris city mayor Arush Arushanyan. The latter’s lawyer, Armen Melkonyan, on Friday told about this to reporters at the yard of the Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction.

A while ago, the court made a decision to remand the mayor of Goris in custody for two months.

"Let’s continue to fight to achieve justice. This is an unprecedented thing because they can ‘behead’ an entire community with the contradictory testimony of one person. A person who initially denied the testimony gave some testimony a few days later," he said.

When asked who the person is who testified against Arushanyan, the lawyer said: "It was an arrested, elderly woman. It is about the head of Karahunj. She initially denied that Arushanyan had said anything, she was questioned a few days later, with one testimony she said ‘Yes, Arushanyan said that they vote for the ‘Armenia’ bloc.

We have information that one son-in-law [of hers] is an employee of a law enforcement system, the other is a prosecutor.

There was nothing that we leave no stone unturned from what was written in the investigator's petition. The court was nodding in agreement. What kind of a theater is this? Might as well attach it to the SIS [(Special Investigation Service)] at once, and get it over with! Why are we coming here? Why are we talking, writing, deleting so much? We have at least a little hope in the appellate [court]," Melkonyan added.

As reported earlier, several criminal charges have been brought against the mayor of Goris.

The SIS on Thursday had submitted a petition to the court requesting to remand Arushanyan in custody.

According to the respective SIS statement, Arush Arushanyan, who is on the electoral list of the opposition "Armenia" bloc—led by second President Robert Kocharyan—, had prepared vote buying in order to secure maximum number of votes in favor of this bloc and to achieve the desired result in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

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