July 31
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Peace can only be achieved by preparing for war, but Armenia’s incumbent authorities aren’t preparing to achieve peace. This is what political scientist Edgar Elbakyan said during a conversation with TALK TIME.

According to him, the incumbent authorities might incite a new war with their deficient policy.

“If you’re weak, your enemy can take advantage of that. If you’re a human being and a beast is four-legged, the beast will definitely catch you,” Elbakyan stated, adding that politics is an art of possibilities.

Nevertheless, Elbakyan says there are two scenarios — either the Armenian authorities will sign the ill-fated treaty with Azerbaijan which Elbakyan considers a new war, or the Armenian authorities won’t sign the treaty.

“If the treaty is signed, Armenia will be split into two zones of economic influence — Russia and Turkey, just like when Iran was split into Russian and British zones of influence 100 years ago. Since Russia is facing many problems, it is ceding to Turkey,” the political scientist clarified, adding that there is no need to expect anything good so long as the army hasn’t been restructured.

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