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At Tuesday’s court hearing on the criminal case against second President Robert Kocharyan and former deputy prime minister Armen Gevorgyan—who is now an MP of the opposition “Armenia” Faction in the National Assembly—, Gevorgyan's new lawyer Lusine Sahakyan asked the court to give her time to study the case materials.

"I do not have the 'talent' to get familiarized with 82 volumes of the case in [just] five days—but in reality, in two days," the lawyer explained.

Also, Sahakyan reminded that Armen Gevorgyan's other new lawyer, Aleksandr Kochubayev, had asked the court to change the scheduling of these court hearings, as he had other court sessions scheduled for Tuesdays. In addition, she recalled that Gevorgyan also had asked for the same earlier—and based on his parliamentary duties.

The defense attorney reminded that according to a precedent decision of the court, at least one day is provided for getting familiarized with each volume of the case file.

To note, the prosecution had argued that it was not necessary for the defense to get acquainted with all the case materials, and therefore had provided only the ones that they deemed necessary for the defense lawyers to carry out their defense.

Lusine Sahakyan, however, asked to provide all the materials submitted to the court. The presiding judge suggested that it be done after the hearing. To note, we are talking about 128 volumes.

"I ask you to provide the remaining 46 volumes and give [me] time to get familiarized [with them]," the new lawyer said.

The court, however, gave her just another week to study the case file. The lawyer replied that one week was not enough, but the court did not change its decision.

In addition, the day of these court hearings—that is, Tuesday—remained unchanged, and the next session was set for October 12.

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