April 17
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Police apprehended Harutyun Sinanyan, an "Arush Arushanyan" bloc candidate in Sunday’s Council of Elders election in Goris, Armenia, and took him to a police station.

"My neighbor is an old woman with sick legs. She asked me to bring her to the election, and I brought [her]; after that they [i.e., the police] apprehended me," the city council candidate told Armenian, noting that the old woman was also brought to the police station.

Sinanyan added that he was not interviewed by the police and was released after being detained for about an hour.

And his lawyer, Armen Melkonyan, told us that the chief of police had said that the candidate for the Goris Council of Elders had not been apprehended, but had been “invited” to the police, and the attorney asked not to give such "invitation cards" to the representatives of the aforesaid bloc until 8pm when the polling stations close.

The lawyer added that the Human Rights Defender and the Police of Armenia had been informed about this incident.

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