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Along with the closing of polling stations in Sunday’s local elections in Armenia, the search also ended at the election headquarters of the—mayor—Arush Arushanyan bloc in Goris.
The election headquarters was closed for several hours, as the law enforcement officers were conducting a search there.
"The police are leaving. In my opinion, they did not find anything, and they, too, are not inclined to find anything. Twenty-eight newspapers, various documents have been confiscated.
But the whole point is that this search is illegal; I have recorded this, too. The Court of First Instance of the city of Yerevan had allowed conducting a search for only one day by the officers of Goris police department.
The search was actually carried out by the police officers of the [fight against] corruption department of the Police of Armenia, which is a gross violation of the law, as the court had clearly written that it allows the search to be carried out by the employees of the Goris [police] department. But the search was carried out by other persons, which is a gross violation of the law.
Second, they confiscated personal letters which was not authorized by the police. The letter contains information that is very useful for us. It is written that if the authorities do not distribute money [to buy votes], Arushanyan will pass [in the elections] 100 percent. But they, ignoring the court decision, confiscated the letters," Arushanyan's lawyer Armen Melkonyan told reporters.
According to the attorney, all this was aimed at disrupting the activities of the election headquarters of the Arush Arushanyan bloc.

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