May 17
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We must learn lessons from the defeat, we must engage in increasing our defense capabilities, rehabilitating, reviving the army, like all other state institutions. No state can have another alternative. Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan stated this to reporters at Yerablur Military Pantheon Friday—on Army Day.

To the remark that the opposition claims that the Armenian authorities are desecrating Yerablur with their current foreign policy, particularly in terms of Armenian-Turkish relations, Mirzoyan responded: "I do not want to comment on the viewpoints of the opposition on various issues. But please ask the opposition how it happened that there was almost no year since the late 1990s when there were no talks, discussions, correspondence, contacts in the Armenian-Turkish direction. (…) There is no need to go, negotiate something—as it has been for years—, then come home, announce something else from various platforms and carry out another campaign. What I am negotiating, I say directly during the question and answer session in the National Assembly. There is nothing secret, everything is public."

"Of course, we [i.e., Armenia] have national ‘red lines’ that should not be crossed in any way. On the other hand, we are not the first and last people, unfortunately, on a planet that has had a very long conflict with a neighboring country. We are ready to building stable, lasting peace in the region. (…) At the same time, we must feel an obligation to the memory of those same fallen [Armenian soldiers] because they died for life, for the homeland, they died so that others could live. As long as we remember and respect their memory, we still have an obligation to take care of the living, too" the Armenian FM added.

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