July 05
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Ishkhan Saghatelyan, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, one of the leaders of the Resistance movement noted that being silent the US embassy contributes to establishment of dictatorship.

"In 2018, the Armenian people followed the false promises of a good life, and not the loss of Artsakh and bloody war, they went for the creation of a more democratic state, and not the establishment of a dictatorship and violence against democracy," he said.

“Dear Ambassador, I deeply regret your statement today. As for the 2021 elections, despite these shameful elections, the Armenian people did not give Nikol a mandate to cede Artsakh and generally lead the country to new concessions."

"If some circles believe that the Armenian people will serve their interests, become a bargaining chip, they are deeply mistaken, the Armenian people are now on this square precisely in order to prevent this. This is not a struggle for power, this is a struggle for the sovereignty of Armenia, and let no one try to oppose democracy to security."

"I confirm that Russia is our strategic ally, and the United States and the EU countries are our important partners. Unlike Nikol, in Moscow we don't gossip about Americans and Europeans, but in Washington and Brussels we don't gossip about Moscow,” Ishkhan Saghatelyan added.

Addressing the US Ambassador to Armenia and representatives of international organizations, Saghatelyan said: “Put an end to double standards."

"You were silent when the authorities blocked the courts. You are silent when there are dozens of political prisoners. You are silent today, when the police use violence and disproportionate force against the people, you, by your silence, contribute to the establishment of a dictatorship in Armenia," he added.

Saghatelyan said that a letter was sent on behalf of the resistance movement to the President of Lithuania, who is going to arrive in Armenia tomorrow.

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