October 06
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Not a single family has left Aghavno, people are waiting. Suren Petrosyan, chairman of the Democratic Union party, told, adding that if 500 people arrive in Aghavno, the village can still be saved.

Petrosyan, who has been in the village of Aghavno in Artsakh with his wife and two young children for four days, said his residents want to stay in their home village. "We have two weeks. Let's try to get results in these two weeks. We are in victim status. There are two choices: we either confront the challenges or we run away from them and die. If no one comes here, and only the villagers remain, there will be no other choice but to leave Aghavno. But once again I say that I will stay here with my family until the last moment," he said.

The chairman of the Democratic United Party added that hundreds of people have said they will come to Aghavno. "There are cases when people come and get acquainted with the situation. They promise to come," he concluded.

Recall that the situation in Artsakh heated up since August 1. Araik Harutyunyan, the president of the republic, announced at the meeting of the Security Council convened on August 2 that Azerbaijan through peacekeepers demanded to set up the corridor connecting Artsakh with Armenia by a new route.

The next day Azerbaijani units roughly violated the ceasefire by shelling the combat positions of the Defense Army and the permanent deployment of a military unit. In addition to small arms of various caliber, the enemy also used mortars, grenade launchers and UAVs, as a result of which contract servicemen Gurgen Gabrielyan and Artur Khachatryan were mortally wounded. 19 servicemen were wounded in varying degrees of severity.

Already on August 5 the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Artsakh Hayk Khanumyan informed the residents of Aghavno and Berdzor that they have to leave their houses by August 25.

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