October 06
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The world has entered the era of bare geopolitics, where, unfortunately, norms, principles and morals are far from being in the foreground. Artsakh Foreign Minister David Babayan wrote on his Facebook page.

"The world has entered the era of naked #geopolitics, where, unfortunately, norms, principles, morality are far from being in the foreground. Therefore, when we talk about the aspirations of our people, their dreams and wishes, it is quite obvious that the wishes, demands, opinions based on international law, human rights and freedoms, unfortunately, will be taken into account at best. Now we are faced with threats of an existential nature, and this requires composure, professionalism, patriotism, proper organization of work, patience and hard work. It is very important distance as much as possible from demagogues, provocateurs, jingoists who “cut the throats of enemies in social networks and verbal battles.” These are the guarantees for the salvation of the people and the state in the current conditions.

Dear compatriots, never lose faith and self-control, never. Never trust demagogues, loudmouths and political vagabonds. Screamers are never true patriots, understand this obvious thing, finally. These are the key components of overcoming difficulties, making it possible to save the country even in the most difficult periods of history. The next two or three years will be a very important period.

And if we think correctly, understand that our strength is in intelligence, honesty and decency, then the minimum program - the salvation of #Artsakh will be realized," the minister wrote.

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