March 26
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Azerbaijani MP Konul Nurullayeva deliberately voiced a lie from the rostrum of PACE, trying to deceive the delegates of the Assembly.

At the plenary session of the PACE winter session, during the discussion of the report on sexual violence in conflicts, a member of the Azerbaijani delegation Konul Nurullayeva said that Azerbaijan has repeatedly experienced the negative impact of sexual violence in conflict.

Konul Nurullayeva noted that thousands of Azerbaijani women have become victims of various types of sexual violence during the Karabakh war and other conflicts.

By doing so, the Azerbaijani delegate tried to neutralize the horrifying information about the brutal killings of Armenian female soldiers.

Arusyak Julkhakyan, a member of the Armenian delegation to the PACE, said in response that after Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia in September 2022, not only Armenia but also the international community was shocked by the terrible videos circulated in the Azerbaijani media.

Armenian female soldiers in the hands of the Azerbaijani armed forces were subjected to inhuman treatment. The bodies of all female prisoners were tortured. These clips were seen by the children of these women as well. The remains of these women have never been handed over to the Armenian side, she noted.

During Azerbaijan's September aggression, several Armenian women were tortured and killed by the Azerbaijani military. The Azerbaijani soldiers then dismembered and brutally mutilated the bodies, and the clips were posted on social media, garnering approving comments from their compatriots.

"I draw your attention to the atrocities committed by Azerbaijani Armed Forces units and the Azerbaijani military in our combat positions against our servicemen, including female servicewomen," Edward Asrian, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, said at a meeting with foreign ambassadors in Jermuk City a few days after the aggression. He invited the ambassadors to watch the video after the briefing.

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