March 30
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The Armenian army suffered quite a major defeat, and this had a great impact on the morale and psychological state. Armen Khachatryan, an MP of the ruling majority Civil Contract Faction of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, told this to reporters today at the NA.

"Not only on the army, but on all of us. But everything must be done so that this situation, this pressure does not affect our progress and the army. I must also say that after the events of September, the morale and psychological state of the army did not decline, but on the contrary, it increased. I have seen that the morale and psychological state of the military is much better than in the 44-day [war in 2020]. The army is more confident in its strength than after the 44-day war," he said.

Asked whether the Armenian army is now ready to face the escalation of tension, he responded: "We need to make a light analysis: How much territory do we have? How much population do we have? What economic means and resources does Armenia have? What losses have we had? And, most importantly, with whom will the escalation take place? With Azerbaijan? With Turkey? Or other countries?"

He assured that the Armenian army is capable of fulfilling a number of tasks.

"But, of course, our forces will not be enough to engage in large-scale combat operations with the countries I mentioned; this is more than clear. For that, we need to have a unique professional army. We need to take 1-2 steps forward in this matter, so that we can withstand with these non-inexhaustible resources," emphasized Armen Khachatryan.

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