October 04
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Considering the difficult security situation that Armenia is in, it is necessary that the population here be resilient; and the European Union (EU) assists those regions where it sees security challenges. Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, stated this in her remarks at the Armenian Forum for Democracy being held Wednesday in Yerevan; and she pointed to Syunik Province as an example.

She spoke also about the freedom of the press in Armenia. The media are the guardians of independence, they must be protected, it is not enough to say that the internet is uninhibited, and each case should be considered and discussed separately, Wiktorin said.

To note, in his remarks during the aforesaid forum, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had stated that the press is free in Armenia.

If journalists spread misinformation, it should be addressed. But in general, it should be said that mass media address certain issues and should have investigative journalism, the EU envoy said. She indicated this as a continued commitment from the point of view of protecting journalism and improving the position of journalism in Armenia. Many people confuse facts and interpretations, and they should be separated, Wiktorin added.

She emphasized inclusiveness. According to her, that means really targeting all vulnerable groups, whether it's people with disabilities or the LGBT community. The EU diplomat noted that there are cases in Armenia that were shocking for her. She expects that, on the one hand, the Armenian political society will defend and say that it should not be like this, that people should have a safe life in the country. However, Wiktorin wants also Armenia to say that this should not happen in the country, and to be able to protect the rights of these people.

The EU ambassador stressed as well the engagement of Armenia’s women in the government and peace processes. Wiktorin is certain that women can find lasting solutions for peace and stability, and she want to see a greater representation of women in the country.

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