February 29
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Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Vilen Gabrielyan, who was born in [Azerbaijani capital] Baku, had launched an exhibition in the NA [(National Assembly)] yesterday under the title "Armenian historical and cultural trace in Baku."

Would you go to live in Baku, we asked him. If the security conditions are ensured by the Azerbaijani authorities, yes. "Azerbaijan should give clear guarantees so that 100 thousands of Armenians can restore their rights and go and live where they were born, in the Republic of Azerbaijan."

Should the RA authorities also provide security guarantees to Azerbaijanis? "Armenia is a democratic state; definitely, it can provide security guarantees to citizens of any other country."

And will you consider the opinion of the relatives of the casualties? "The world is not newly created, there are many states that have gone to war with each other, then lived in peace, then went to war again, and so on."

And can you live next to the people who killed our boys, took away [our] homeland? "It is, of course, a tragic situation, but nevertheless, communities should try to reconcile with each other—even after all this."

The [ruling] CC [(Civil Contract Party)] MP believes that the issue of refugees' return should be mutually discussed.

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