April 20
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Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny, released a video message in which she vowed to continue her late husband's work.

"I will continue Aleksey Navalny’s work. I will continue to fight for our country. I call on you to stand with me. To share not only grief and endless pain … I ask you to share with me the rage. The fury, anger, hatred for those who dare to kill our future. There is no shame in doing little, it is shame in doing nothing. It's a shame to let yourself be intimidated," Navalnaya said.

Also, she noted that Russians need a "free, peaceful, happy, beautiful Russia of the future".

"I want to live in such a Russia, I want my children with Aleksey to live there. I want to build it with you. Just as it was imagined by Aleksey Navalny. Full of dignity, justice, and love," she emphasized.

In addition, Navalnaya pledged to reveal the reasons for her husband's murder and reveal the identity of those directly related to it.

"We will definitely find out exactly who and how committed this crime. We will give names, we will show faces," she said.

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